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In the event of Inclement weather please complete the following activities:

Tasks to complete for Days 1-3
View the Enrichment Board and Reading Choice Board below. Choose a minimal of 2 tasks from each board to complete each day. Use notebook paper to record your answers.

Science and Social Studies:

For Science and Social and Social Studies, read a book from MyOn focused on animals, civics, force and motion, the universe, the moon or sun, the environment, our government or any other topic related to Science and Social Studies. Create a KWL Chart (what do you know, want to know and learned) about the Science and Social Studies text you are reading. Use notebook paper to record the answers for your KWL chart. A KWL chart is divided into 3 parts. Write at least 3 ideas for each letter in your chart.

KWL chart example about animals: 

   K                   W                L
I know animals I want to know                   I learned that...
have different                            more about
habitats.                                     wild animals.


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